Artist Statement

My work consists of a journey through an apocalyptic scenery which conveys the overwhelming power of nature. The constant appearance of ruins where civilizations have crumbled through time and the struggle of survival in the wasteland. Simultaneously, the human’s obsession of their own civilization is being crushed. The vast emptiness in the painting depicts the inevitable consequence of our future.

The simplification of form and gestural brushstrokes in my painting captures the landscape within a tight time window. The painting’s repeatedly used surface, as a foundation also transmits the message of shortage of supplies in the wasteland.

I am also drawn to the beauty of motorcycle and have continuously considered the relationship between human and machine as a response to the unreliability of humans. It is profound to imagine wandering in the wasteland with a sole machine as a companion.

The melodramatic essence of Romanticism and spontaneity of Impressionism are my motifs which help me create an apocalyptic atmosphere in my paintings. The dystopia themed video games and increasing apocalyptic films strengthens my vision of the imaginary world.

We shall Imagine “what will be new under the sun”, beholding the power of wildlife and what remains as remnants of nature in the ruins.

© 2018 by Richard Yeung